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The Karat brand offers high-quality plastic & paper cups, utensils, and food packaging at competitive prices. Customers may mix and match compostable paper cups and lids to fulfill diverse needs and budgets. Karat paper and plastic cups can be matched with most major brands such as IP, Dixie®, Sweetheart, and Solo®, allowing customers to effortlessly switch in between brands.

Karat Earth

Karat Earth is our environmental initiative to create a compostable line of products, including paper and plastic ware, developed from the idea that living green can help people save green. Our Karat Earth products are fully compostable in commercial composting facilities and are made with NatureWorks® Ingeo™ PLA. Ingeo is a biopolymer that is manufactured using plant sugars from field corn and with time, from any sugar source. Ingeo™ is not petroleum-based, so it is non-volatile and odorless if incinerated. The Karat Earth line also offers compostable utensils, eco-friendly food containers, and eco-friendly paper hot cups, which are Cedar Grove Certified. Make the choice today, for a better tomorrow.